This space, which many people don't even notice, has a lot of potential, see how to make this space more attractive.

How to decorate the hallway tips and ideas 

The corridor connects the environments, private or common, it is important to create a warm and welcoming connection, so it is super cool to decorate it.

cozy and snuggle

Investing in "boiserie" these super elegant frames and mirror will make this space super sophisticated, if that's your style bet.

Mirror and a stylish wall

A half-wall painting is the simplest step to decorate this space with, enhance it with a bench and other items.

Half Wall Painting  

Those photos of remarkable moments, or works of art a sideboard, all of this will already give another vibe to the hallway.

paintings and sideboard

For a hallway entrance, nothing better than the complete kit, a bench, a rug and a mirror, they are perfect combinations.

A Kit cozy

A buffet is super useful and if space is favorable, it is a good option in addition to the treadmill which is the icing on the cake.

treadmill and a buffet

Composing the decoration with plants and vases, there's no mistake, it always gives that "up" in addition to being simple and basic, it gives a new face to the environment.

Plants and Pots Stylish