Decorating with hand arts


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Manual arts, is a great ally when it comes to decorating. in addition to bringing warmth, it brings affection.

macramé stand

Macramé is one of the handicrafts, very versatile, giving many possibilities to insert in the decor.

They are super stylish, give the environment a very cool vibe.

macrame panel

creative sewing

Create a piece for that chair, a cushion cover, etc..

Creative Painting

Geometric painting, is another manual art, super useful, to renovate any environment, even furniture.

Patchwork panel

Patchwork is a type of creative sewing, and as a handicraft in decoration, it gives many options.

paper flowers

Making paper flowers can be therapy, and it will still make your home look pretty.

crochet baskets

Crochet is another very welcome manual technique in decorating environments, you can bet on many utilitarian accessories


Rugs, whether knitted, crocheted, macramé, or any other thread, always bring warmth.