A small room decorated with style is a dream for many people, and it certainly doesn't need "big investments" to achieve it.

how to decorate  Small room Spending little


Comfort and warmth are essential for any environment and even if you are small, don't give up on that.


Invest in cotton or sisal rugs, opt for the most basic ones that bring a lot of comfort to the space.


Choose plants that can be in the shade, this gives the room a lot of style and elegance.


Use the vertical space, avoid too many ornaments horizontally, the vertical gives a sense of spaciousness.

Neutral Basis

Colors are always welcome, but keep a more neutral base and a touch of color in the accessories.


Keep the decor light, don't fill it with unnecessary things, free up circulation.

Functional Furniture

Bet on functional furniture that can bring beauty and functionality to the space.