How to decorate the living room with the sofa bed, this super functional piece of furniture that will help to receive visitors

Decorate with a sofa bed, option to receive guests

Super cute models, that don't even look like sofa beds, focus on the beautiful design as it will be part of the living room.

sofa bed In the room

A small type for that strategic corner, it can be very useful and when a visitor arrives you can spend the night peacefully.

sofa bed cool

For the boho chic style, a model in synthetic material, brown can give that style.

sofa bed boho chic style

This style is like a bed or even a divan, but during the day use pillows, it's very versatile.

Sofa  backless bed

For super compact space, folding models are very functional.

sofa bed Compact

Sofa bed minimalist style, with simple lines and futon as upholstery will be perfect in more minimalist rooms.

Style  minimalist

This retro style, goes elegant in the living room, will fit perfectly in the contemporary modern living room.

Style retro