Type of embroidery that has an "X" shape as its main point. Super versatile to use in home decor.

Cross stitch, Amazing pieces to decorate

ancient craft art

This type of handmade embroidery is one of the oldest, and can be applied to various items in the house.

in the sieve

Applying this stitch on a sieve is a good option as the sieve weave favors this type of stitch.


Customizing a piece, like a cane chair.

Case for a pillow

A decoration classic, cushion covers embroidered in cross stitch.

Backstage art

For the most creative and technique lovers, creating scenarios is therapy.

wood panel

You can even reproduce this technique on a perforated wooden panel, it looks very stylish.

very strong theme

With very strong colors, full filling of the pillows creating a mosaic that is the name of this technique.