Customize your cushion cover with stencil

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For "do it yourself" lovers, it's great to be able to customize our decor, and with stencils it's very practical.


Choose fabrics in natural fibers such as cotton. It makes it easier for the paint to adhere to the fabric.

Natural fabric

Research which style of stencil design you like best, to develop personalization.

Choose the Stencil Print

There are a variety of stencil pattern designs, easily found in general craft stores.

Credit via: dododsondesigns

Easy to Find

Materials: Choose fabric paint of your choice, masking tape, styrofoam tray, sponge or brush for printing, paper to protect the table.

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Credit via :dododsondesigns

Use a flat base, stretch the fabric well, use masking tape to secure. 


Stretch the fabric well, secure it with masking tape, use little paint and lightly tap it.

Credit via:dododsondesigns

How to make:

And here's a new print to match your decor

Credit via:dododsondesigns

Credits viadododsondesigns 

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