Vertical gardening even in small spaces 

Benefits of Vertical Gardening 

? Fresh food anytime ? Economy and sustainability.

Choice of Food

For beginners, choose vegetables or herbs that are easy to grow for beginners, such as mint, lettuce, cherry tomatoes

Necessary materials 

? Pots, supports and suitable soil. ? It can be found in specialized gardening stores.

Assembling the Structure 

There are many structure options for the vertical garden, from shelves to even shelves can serve as a support structure.

Daily Care 

? Watering, fertilizing and pruning. ? Keeping your plants healthy.

Pests and Diseases 

Always keep an eye out for possible pests, use natural products to eliminate them Avoiding common illnesses.

Variety of Vegetables

? When to harvest your vegetables and herbs. You can grow a variety of vegetables, herbs and even flowers regardless of the size of your available area 

Saving water and space

In addition to saving space, this technique also helps save water and reduce environmental impact.  

Quality of your diet 

Another super benefit is improving the quality of the food we eat.


In addition to all the benefits for health and the environment, it is also super therapeutic.

how to create Vertical garden

Start Your PRown Vertical Garden and Transform Your Space