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Create a unique and sophisticated environment with the imposing Elephant Paw Plant

Elephant Paw   

She got that name because of her well swollen base. Reminiscent of an elephant's foot. Its scientific name is (beaucanea-recurvata)

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It has a sculptural shape and is very prominent in landscaping and decoration.

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It is possible to grow in a pot, as it takes years to reach the adult stage. Intense natural light is ideal

A well-drained soil is ideal for it to develop well.

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It doesn't require much fertilizer, use a good quality fertilizer balanced NPK-10-10-10 worm humus 2x a year.

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As its base is very wide and stores a lot of water, it can also be considered a succulent. So watering should be when the substrate is dry. Water until the water drains.

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Basin are great options for planting elephant's paw, as they make the plant's caudex more showy.

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