Build a Custom Room and Achieve Perfect Harmony 

Basic Guide to Decorating a Bedroom

Planning and Inspiration 

 Define the desired style: classic, modern, rustic, etc.  Search references and create an inspiration panel. Think about functionality and available space.

 Colors and Walls

? Choose colors that convey tranquility and harmony. ? Opt for neutral tones on the walls for flexibility. ? Add a focal point with an accent wall.

Select essential furniture: bed, wardrobe, nightstand Prioritize a layout that facilitates circulation in the room. Take advantage of furniture with storage spaces

Furniture and Layout


Choose comfortable and quality fabrics.  Add curtains for light control and privacy.  Invest in stylish and cozy bedding

Adequate Lighting

Plan for soft general lighting.  Add points of directed light for reading or tasks. Use decorative lighting to create a pleasant atmosphere

Decoration and Accessories

Add pictures, mirrors and decorative objects to the walls. Choose rugs and pillows that complement the style. Place plants to bring life and freshness to the environment.

Organization and Storage 

Use decorative boxes and baskets to organize items. Optimize space with shelves and niches.  Keep order and avoid the accumulation of unnecessary objects.

Personal Touches 

Add elements that reflect the couple's personality. Display photographs, travel souvenirs or works of art. Create a cozy space for intimate moments

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