Types of decoration to use in the center of your table 

Center Table Stylish Ideas

arrangements with candle

Creating an arrangement with candles is a practical and elegant option.

arrangement with succulents

Succulents are super versatile plants, creating an arrangement with them to decorate the center of the table goes super well.

Arrangements with fresh flowers

For those more skilled in using fresh flowers, this is another good option.

Do It Yourself - Candles 

This idea is super practical and handmade using a candle and decorating with cinnamon sticks and joint fabric, a rustic style.

Tree trunk

A tree trunk tray, this type of item is very common in decoration.

Dry flowers

The moment of dried or preserved flowers, give a lot of style to the centerpiece.

Recycled Glass

That useless glass, perhaps to be a support for a very stylish arrangement and to "up" the table decor.