Buffet/Sideboard, is a super useful piece of furniture for the living room, it serves to store crockery and support items in the room.

Buffet for living room, super useful piece of furniture to organize

Buffet for living room is a super useful element to support the organization, decoration and even a visual highlight.

buffet for living room

A good option to take advantage of and insert decorative items, such as mirrors, books, vases, etc...


A retro model, it is very stylish 

Models retro

Small models, for smaller rooms will also help a lot in the organization.

buffet  Small

Minimalist, stylish design with light wood.

Design minimalist

Dresser type model, can accommodate many small items from dinnerware.

Model Comfortable

A stuff door is super useful, even more handcrafted and with this technique so engaging, bet.

For Divide Environments