see how to decorate small rooms.

Beautiful decor for small rooms

Always the best option is to opt for functional furniture, to meet the different needs of the space.

opt for  Furniture  functional

This recommendation is always relevant, as light colors reflect lighting better, creating a sense of spaciousness.

light tones and  neutral

Mirrors help reflect light and visually double the space, and if they are voted facing a window even better 

mirrors Good Allies

In a small room it is permissible to use colors, but in the right measure, in moderation so as not to load too much.

colors in Measure

If the right foot is low, avoid recessed plaster, as the room will be flatter.

Plaster lowered

Opt for simple design furniture and straight lines, this will give more organization to the space.

lines  simple and straight

A light floor also helps to make the environment feel more spacious, if possible, choose lighter tones, or even light carpets.

Floor Clear