Bathroom plants see 7 options to bet on 


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Babosa, or "Aloe e vera" is a great option to have in the bathroom, as it doesn't need a lot of light and likes a humid environment.

1-Aloe Vera (Aloe Vera)

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As it originates from tropical climates, the Peace lily adapts very well to a humid environment, little watering and indirect lighting, a good option for the bathroom.

2-Peace Lily

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The sword of São Jorge is another Plant, which does very well without direct light, it does well in humid and hot places.

3- Sword of Saint George 

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With easy maintenance, the money in bunch, goes well in the bathroom and placed on top, grows in slopes, likes moist soil, and partial light.

4-Money in Penca 

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There are a variety of peperomias, some great for the bathroom, they like humidity, low light, a good one for the bathroom.

5- Peperomia 

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They adapt super well to humid places, little water, little direct light are perfect for the bathroom.

6- Bromeliads

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In addition to being lush, they are great for decorating and living in the bathroom, they like natural light, and moderate watering.


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