Bathroom mirror, ideas and styles

Mirror is the primordial item, and in the bathroom it is essential.

Round mirror is very stylish, there are several models in this style with frameless frames and different sizes.

Mirror round

Very common and very usual in construction material houses to buy the bathroom kit that already comes with a mirror.

Bathroom kit

For traditional and classic decorations, a framed mirror is very elegant, beautiful in large bathrooms.

mirror with  Frame

For planned bathrooms, a bespoke mirror or even a mirror panel is a good option in addition to expanding the environment.

mirror under Measure

This type of mirror with handle has been a favorite for a long time but it is very stylish and great for small bathrooms.

Adnet mirror

A large square mirror in the bathroom helps to expand the space, but is also great for doing make-up, and being able to see it better from a wider perspective.

Big mirror Square