Bathroom cleaning tips

Bathroom cleaning, clean duty periodically, here are some tips to optimize this process.

Daily cleaning

The tip to keep the bathroom always clean is to remove the daily

Sinks, countertops, cabinets

Use a solution of 500 ml of water for every 2 spoons of cleaning solution, such as bleach, detergent or disinfectant.

Tile, box, floor

Scrub well with a suitable broom or sponge with soapy water, and then finish with a disinfectant. Always wear gloves.


Clean the toilet with disinfectant and brush/sponge for this purpose only. This must be cleaned daily. And a heavy cleaning once a week.

faucets, metal

With a sponge and detergent or, if you prefer, with a cloth dampened with general purpose cleaner. 

Mirrors, and sink items

Sanitize all sink items such as soap holders, brushes, and the mirror with neutral detergent. Dry with a dry cloth.

product tips

Choose products of your preference, however here are some: Neutral detergent bacteria, white vinegar and baking soda