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How to Have Lush Azaleas in the Garden

Azaleas in the Garden

For those who want to flower the garden easily without so much work. Azaleas can be a good option.

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Of oriental origin, but which do very well here in the Brazilian climate, and with a variety of sizes, you can even create "bonsai" with it.

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Vibrant colors

They are very popular for their flowers, which can come in many shades, as well as their scent. 

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The soil must have good drainage Use 1 part of soil prepared with good nutrients, 1 part of sand, so as not to soak the roots.

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Keep them in a bright place that receives at least 4 hours of sun a day. But not very strong. Watering should be moderate when the soil is dry. Prune regularly to remove dried flowers and leaves. This will make it more beautiful.

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They look beautiful in a vase, you can choose a style vase, and give it a highlight in your garden.

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table decoration

When they are still small, they are great options to decorate with beautiful arrangements for your table. It will be a big hit at the family event.

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