For those who love having a vegetable garden, how about investing in aromatic plants for the kitchen.

Aromatic Plants for the Kitchen

For a pleasant aroma in the kitchen, lavender is an indispensable plant, in addition to the aroma bringing relaxation.

Lavender Aroma  Soothing

The darling in the world of aromatic plants. Provides pleasant aromas and can be used for cooking or accompanying a drink.

Refreshing  Mint

Sage is ideal to have in the kitchen. Leaves a good smell wherever it is placed.


This plant provides a very country aroma, pleasant and with a great feeling.


Rosemary has a super pleasant aroma, and can also be used in the preparation of dishes.


Basil has an enveloping aroma, which even whets the appetite, and if it's pasta day then, it's the perfect combination.


Oregano, is a plant well used for cooking, and having it naturally in the kitchen and enjoying its aroma in the environment to get more freshness.