How to use natural elements to compose home decor, giving a more natural look.

Accessories with Natural Material to Decorate

A fiber rug creates a layer of texture to the environment, depending on the design it gives style and warmth.

carpet in fibers 

Inserting wood into home decor is an element that brings warmth, texture and emphasis.

Wood  Natural

Composing the decor with elements with natural items in the composition is another good option to insert these elements into the decor.

Lamps and natural items

These decorative straw plates are very charming in a more minimalist composition.

Accessories for wall

A Bamboo love seat will look very charming and cute in the entrance hall, on the stairway wall.

furniture in Bamboo

A room with a touch of fiber is a great idea for those who love this more natural style.

perfect for composition with fibers

Wood, ceramics, natural fibers, all these elements are great to compose the natural decoration.

accessories in General