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8 steps to grow beautiful phalaenopsis orchids

Learn to take care of the Phalaenopsis Orchid with these valuable tips on fertilization, irrigation, light and the ideal substrate. 

They should preferably be placed in environments with indirect light, avoiding direct sunlight.

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1- Choose the ideal location

Use pine bark, coconut chips or moss and charcoal in composition.

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2- Create the right substrate

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3- Water carefully

Wait for the substrate to dry before watering, avoiding excess water.

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4 - Fertilize Regularly

Use proper fertilizer for orchids every 15 days, following the instructions on the label.

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5- Maintain the Proper Temperature

Between 18°C and 25°C during the day and above 15°C at night.

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6-provide moisture

Spray water on the leaves and around the plant to maintain moisture.

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7-Monitor pests and diseases

Regularly check leaves and roots, and treat if necessary.

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8- Carry out proper pruning

Remove wilted flowers and leaves by cutting above the flower stem node.