10 decoration trends in 2024

Carpets with irregular shapes and patterns are trending. Ideal for spacious rooms, providing visual cohesion. Combine with furniture that shares similar characteristics

Irregular Rugs

Handmade tiles with color variations and irregular edges. Glossy enamel, perfect for capturing natural light. Varied formats, intense colors such as emerald green and blue.

Handcrafted Tiles

Luminaires offer diffused lighting and unconventional designs. Use in different formats, such as standing, table or pendant. Trend to add style and personality to the environment.

paper lamps  Pleated 

Furniture with rounded shapes. Sofas with soft edges, irregular coffee tables and curved chairs. They contribute to a more fluid and comfortable aesthetic.

Curved Furniture 

Trend to create multifunctional work areas in residential spaces.  Take advantage of existing areas, such as the kitchen, living room or empty spaces, designs that harmoniously integrate into the environment

Integrating Home Workspaces 

Goodbye to all-white kitchens, giving way to more character. Choice of warm whites, addition of wood and natural elements. Search for a less rigid and industrialized aesthetic.

Kitchens with  Personality 

Blue is associated with calm and relaxation, ideal for bedrooms and living rooms. Suggestions for combinations, with neutral tones and vibrant contrasts.

Painting with Tones  in Blue in 2024 

Tendency to mix personal style with the principles of minimalism. Focus on functionality, purpose and comfort, but with more personal touches. More welcoming color palette, moving away from cold grays.

Farewell to  Classic Minimalism 

 Use of arches on doors, shelves and furniture. Fluted surfaces in kitchens, furniture and walls.  Classic architectural elements that add texture and depth.

Architecture with  Arcs and Surfaces  Textured

Preference for shades of gray with a warm undertone. Avoid excessive use of cold ashes and escape from lifeless environments.  Balance with warm materials like wood and natural fibers.

Farewell to  Cool Shades of Gray 

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