10 Habits to Keep your Home Organized and Clean 

Avoid accumulating clothes, which contributes to visual clutter, saturates our spaces and generates stress. Create a routine to wash your clothes more than once a week. 

 1- Don't accumulate  Dirty clothes

Keep your surfaces clean and organized by assigning a place for everything, ensuring a visually pleasing home 

2- Unclog the Surfaces 

Pay attention to the towels; change them frequently to maintain hygiene and choose colors that blend harmoniously with the environment 

3- Change Towels Regularly 

Invest in practical methods, such as robot vacuums, to keep your floors spotless, especially if you have pets. 

4-Clean the Floor Efficiently 

Apply quick daily cleanings to the bathroom to prevent dirt build-up, making deep cleaning an easier and faster task. 

5- Bathroom  Always clean 

Develop the habit of setting the table after meals, providing a dining area always ready for the next special moment. 

6- Table  Tidy Dinner 

Practice the "one in, one out" philosophy to keep your spaces organized, especially when adding new items to your closet. 

7- One Enters, Another Leaves 

Simplify your mornings and wake up to a clean environment by washing the dishes before bed or using the dishwasher daily. 

8-Wash the dishes  Before bedtime 

Keep dirt out by making it a rule to leave shoes at the entrance, promoting a cleaner, more welcoming environment. 

9- Shoes  Out of home 

Implement essential habits such as cross ventilation to improve air quality, and don't forget to take out the trash daily to avoid unpleasant odors. 

10- Cross Ventilation  and Daily Recycle Bin 

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