10 functional tips to achieve organization in the kitchen

1. Declutter Regularly  

Get rid of items you no longer use. Check your cupboards and drawers regularly and get rid of expired or unused utensils and ingredients.  

2. Create Functional Zones

Organize into functional zones, such as a prep area, cooking area, and storage area. 

3. Use Transparent Containers 

Storing dry ingredients in clear containers helps you easily identify what you have. Labels are also useful for keeping everything in order.  

4. Drawer Organizers 

Drawer organizers are great for keeping cutlery, utensils, and even table linens organized and separated.  

5. Take advantage of vertical space 

Use shelves, hooks and wall brackets to maximize vertical space and store pots, pans and utensils.  

6. Keep the Pantry Organized 

An organized pantry is essential. Sort foods by category and check expiration dates regularly. 

7. Daily Cleaning 

Follow a daily cleaning routine after cooking. This will prevent dirt from accumulating and keep it ready for the next use.  

8. Prioritize Multifunctional Utensils 

Choose utensils that have multiple functions to save space and reduce clutter.  

9. Organize your Fridge 

Keep your refrigerator organized by placing older items at the front and grouping similar items together.  

10. Make Periodic Reviews 

Finally, regularly review your kitchen organization to ensure everything stays in place.   

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