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Wallpaper, the joker in Decor!

If there is an artifact that has returned to revolutionize the world of decor and lend a helping hand when it comes to composing an environment that was a little out of date and in need of a new boost, it is wallpaper, which already had its heyday in the 80s, especially in the USA . If you try hard, you'll remember that in every 80's movie, the decor was very busy and the wallpaper was a stamped sticker.

After a while, there was clean decoration, that is, clean, light, more natural and minimalist, and little by little, wallpaper reappeared with new prints, and can be used in different environments, even in washrooms, as the vast majority are easy to maintain. they can be cleaned with a damp cloth, and the best, with a durability of 8 to 10 years, in terms of economy, it is worth the cost benefit, and its use has also become more diversified, and can be used to cover furniture.

Get inspired:

floral wallpaper

Tip: When the paper has a multicolored print, select some colors and apply them to the furniture or choose furniture with some color of the paper,

as in this case where the chair and the bedside table have tones similar to the print on the paper, making it more harmonic.

Coating furniture

Another very interesting option is to use the leftovers to cover furniture.

kittens wallpaper

home office wallpaper

 in the toilet


It is worth remembering that placement is simple as long as the instructions are followed and to help, here is a video explaining how this procedure should be done.

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