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Decorated wall ideas and tips to create your own

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Stylish decorated wall

Wall decorated with my face how? I believe that you and a lot of people have already thought that, have you imagined a wall with nothing, it is very without personality, really dull! I believe that everyone should imprint their personality on their home in the most convenient way possible. This is a fact, we build the identity of our house little by little. paint color or decide to keep it rustic, finally enough of the philosophizing and let's get inspired to have a wall decorated with style.

Get inspired:

The first thing we think of to give up on the wall are pictures, obviously not?! But the idea here was to risk setting up a gallery wall with many paintings including photographs, engravings, posters…..

wall decorated with paintings

Wall decorated with pictures hanging on hangers

limitless creativity this is a very original idea, could be illustrations, or 

the drawing of the little ones

wall decorated with pictures

With niches, do you have a lot of interesting ornaments? fill the wall with niches and expose your objects

this one was harmonic and organized in the right measure nothing here dims the brightness of another item

decorated wall

Not a big fan of frames, just frames, no problem, it looks stylish too


And if you prefer, you can customize your frame the way you want with fabrics, phrases, etc….


Don't know what else to do with that old collection of dishes lying around? poetry on the wall


Prefer something more handmade, look at this idea made with backstage and hand-selected fabrics

and to finish off a mirror

wall decorated with frames

With decorative mirrors

wall decorated with mirrors

And you thought there wasn't going to be anything for the porch or outdoor area? Of course, spices in pots, cute little plants

not only do they help to decorate, they also bring a bossa ……

vegetable garden on the balcony

Hanging garden

Did you like it? So what are you waiting for to go there and give your wall a “UP”, inspiration you already have