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Stick Feet, Timeless Trend

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Stick Feet, Classic and irresistible

Furniture with stick feet was always a sensation after its appearance in the 1940s. They are furniture with elongated and thinner feet, in the shape of a cone, generally inclined towards the outside. The idea was to break the seriousness and straight lines of modernism, bringing lightness to the furniture. And now they're back to success.

In Brazil, this trend emerged in the 60s, having Joaquim Tenreiro, Sergio Rodrigues and Zanine Caldas as major influencers, giving it a more Brazilian face, but without losing its essence.

And in design there are trends, which tend to be timeless, as is the case with stick feet, in recent years the industry has invested and produced a series of furniture with a new look, but faithful to the principle that originated this style, and as in the past it was successful today is also no different.

Check out:

furniture on stilts

 Set of table and chairs, the charm was on their “stick feet”



This is the famous stick feet armchair, it's a design classic, even darling

today, even inspired the logo of the blog, you can find it in different

fabrics and prints, in addition to becoming a joker at Decor.


50's chest of drawers

chest of drawers toothpick feet

Toothpick foot sideboard, Reinterpretation of the 60s, but with a more current approach


The interesting thing is that the charm of the furniture with stick feet, make the environment more

light, free, without having that feeling of space all filled up this is a factor for which

furniture with stick feet came back as a strong trend, as the base of the furniture made

With this feature, it is smooth, it is as if the furniture floated.


Everything is very elegant, light, sophisticated, elongated, softening the environment.

It's worth it to bet on a piece of furniture with stick feet, in addition to being a timeless piece, it goes well with contemporary furniture.