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The Scandinavian Style in Decoration


The Scandinavian Style of Decorating

The Scandinavian Style of Decorating Ever heard of it? Well, maybe you haven't heard it, but surely you've already seen it around in that big world of the internet, international magazines, etc. But what's this style like? It's a very peculiar style that emerged in the Nordic countries, such as Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and some other countries in Northern Europe.

The truth is, that it is a style that has white as its central base, that is, free of strong colors, this is due to the fact that it is very cold in these countries, especially in winter where sunlight is very scarce, and as a way of to leave the environment cleaner and brighter all the time the balcony was to keep the walls very white, furniture in light colors, ornaments that do not weigh down the environment, nothing that can dim the lighting in any way.

Just spy

Very clean composition, white predominates but it still has charm, gray, black and leather bring coziness, warmth, avoiding a cold environment like a hospital

Scandinavian style living room

The wool rug added more texture to the space.

scandinavian room

The baby's room was a delight

scandinavian style baby room

Another characteristic that marks this style are the floors in very light and white tones.

in addition to always having design pieces, which enrich the environment

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It is quite common in Scandinavian style to have this contrast with 

black, because it enhances white, but that's just in some

Points just to highlight


Not very inspiring, I'm suspicious because I like it and I identify with it. It's very simple, maybe that's exactly why it makes this style, something extraordinarily beautiful, smooth and peaceful. for furniture with straighter and lighter lines, more discreet objects, try to harmonize with soft tones and you will already have something very similar.

Images via Pinterest, MyScandinavian Home