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Useful stools!

Stools are so necessary and useful that sometimes we even forget about this normally small piece of furniture that takes up little space, but which breaks a hell of a stick when creating a composition, and the best thing is that it has a model for all tastes, pockets $$$ can be customized the way whatever you want, recycle it, buy it at thrift stores, buy it new, make it, in short, it's very versatile and, as I said, extremely useful.

Check out:
stools in any environment

In the kitchen

In American-style kitchens, stools are a great option, because they are usually integrated and reduced spaces. 

a chair would take up more space, but they are perfect for quick meals


kitchen stools


pink stools in the kitchen

With backrest for greater comfort


kitchen stool with backrest


small table with stool

 Ease when freeing up space for circulation, just move them under the table, countertop


table with stool

  In the living room an option to solve the lack of a place to sit

stool in the room

  Drum-style design fits anywhere

drum model stool

images via House and garden, CasaApril, pinterest