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Small garden

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my little garden

With the world population in constant growth, the big cities becoming more and more verticalized (great explosion of apartments), green spaces are very few and unfortunately I am very sorry for that, because I had a childhood of visiting many parks and which are becoming scarcer with this new, more compact way of living. We hardly think about having a green space, no matter how small it is, I hope that changes because it is very good to have a garden even if it is small and today we already have several ways to adapt it to our space, flowers and plants that do not require so much maintenance, that can stay perfectly indoors, finally the options there are many, you just need to want to start your garden.


Think about the space you have available, it could even be a corner of the living room or kitchen, if you don't have one. balcony or backyard, look for plants that are easy to maintain and grow moderately, the ideal is to always leave them close to windows to have natural lighting and ventilation.

small garden

With few vases, but with suitable plants we already have a garden!

external garden

In a corner of the porchgarden in the roomIn the living room

charming garden

On the wall

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Ivani Kubo