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Small Bathrooms

color ideas for small spaces

With these tips, learn how to make the best use of small spaces, including small bathrooms.

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Small bathrooms with style

As my mother says: "bathroom doesn't need to be big, it's just for needs and bathing", I agree with her, taking into account that the spaces in homes are decreasing, it is more important to prioritize larger spaces for other rooms in the house , but that does not mean that the bathroom will be in the background, it has to be well designed and decorated and with a clear style, after all it is a place where you are every day, and it needs to be pleasant and beautiful.

For those of you who are thinking about how to improve or renovate your small bathroom, get inspired now:

stylish small bathroom

Organization is paramount for a small bathroom because it makes it feel bigger.

shelves in the bathroom

Shelves and niches are indispensable to help with the organization

small bathroom with niches

Countertops in the bathrooms help to gain space and the area for use

is wider allowing for greater comfort 

small bathroom decorating ideas

mirror in small bathroom

And as this tip is already well known, but always useful mirrors always give the feeling of amplitude

stylish small bathroom

Coating mix between burnt cement and glass tile, rustic yet elegant


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