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Functional decoration small apartment


Functional Decoration

Having a functional decoration these days is paramount, with spaces that are more reduced and when we talk about an apartment, then that is where things get complicated, because the larger the more expensive $$$, and the floor of the carriage taking into account the economy and several financial factors the sea is not very fishy, so if you face space problems, the way is to take advantage of the tips here on the blog and be inspired to propose a more functional decoration in addition to better optimizing your space, it will create a better organization and, let's agree that there is nothing better than having an organized house, everything in its proper place with better use of space, everything will be wonderful.

And if you live alone, you'll like and be inspired by this small apartment, where the resident knew how to make the best use of the 56 m² of his apartment and proposed functional decoration, suitable for the size, according to his needs, it was very nice and very cozy .

Just spy:

This plan illustrates very well the size of the property and where the rooms are located.

apartment functional decorationAs it is an environment that does not have walls to divide the internal spaces, it provided an amplitude of space and allowed the resident to create a functional decoration for environments such as the dining/living room and home office, all sectored from the furniture.

living room functional decor

Simple but comfortable, in this case the intention was to value the living receiving friends, family and choosing neutral tones on the wall and furniture gives a feeling of greater space and also does not burden the environment, which in the case of a small space, the ideal is to opt for more neutral tones.

living room with functional decor

functional decoration

Small but, with a functional and well-distributed decoration, where the furniture is well positioned, which allows for good circulation, because imagine furniture cluttering everything up, you can't do it, because that's when it turns into total chaos!

small apartment functional decoration


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