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small and charming

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Charming and Functional

We all know that, most of the time, the space is reduced by a series of issues, the truth is that it doesn't need to be sloppy, without a touch from you, something that imprints your personality. After all, it's your stronghold, the place where you have to have a connection, and why not make it a functional, pleasant and cozy place.

And to show that size doesn't matter, as the saying goes, the Blogger Jessica Ryzenberg do made his small apartment a charming and cozy place and knew how to make good use of its 41 m².

Living Room/TV

charming and functional apartment

stylish tv dresser

 The predominance of white and light tones help in the feeling that the space is bigger.

cozy apartment

mini book shelf

Colorful accessories mixed with good design pieces gave a touch of style

charming chair

Bedroom and Living Room are integrated, and the division of space was well defined

Integrated bedroom and living room

charming small apartment

Rugs and carpets bring more coziness to the environment

functional small kitchen

The lighting is very good, and this helps a lot even more if the space is small

charming table

Functional and charming kitchen

Closet organized

charming closet

Look at the Closet! consume dream …. Well organized essential for small environments

small apartment

Good taste and simplicity!

Via  Apartment Therapy