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Organizing boxes, simple and indispensable

how to use cardboard in decoration

Decorate with organizer boxes

Organizing boxes are items that we practically can't live without anymore, in addition to being extremely necessary and useful these days, because if there's something that we accumulate over time, they are " junk” some super useful things that we will always use, others not so much, but we always think “one day I will need it” I say so, I'm crazy about boxes I love it and if it has a cool design then, wow, that's where I really freak out , lol, I have a mania for boxes, normally I am always enchanted by the design, the print looks like a disease .

But let's stop talking about my daydreams and crazy things about boxes, the point is you can take advantage of boxes, not only to keep your organization up to date but also to make your Décor impeccable.

Just spy:

To organize the shelf, which in this case is being used as a sideboard,

But let's agree that these boxes gave the piece of furniture another face,

and elevated the look of the composition

organizer boxes on the shelf

  To get inspired and keep everything organized

organizing boxes

At Home Office


home office organizer boxes

In the shelf

Imagine how these shelves would look without the organizing boxes,  everything is sectorized,

ease on time to find what you are looking for and to top it off, elevate the decor

organizer boxes on the shelf

When you have a lot of shoes organizing them is not an easy task, let me tell you,

if you don't have a lot of space and you don't even have a shoe rack, this idea

it turned out great, you can use the original packaging to cover them with paper

stamped sticker and that changes everything!

organizer boxes lined with fabric and adhesive paper

  in the bathroom

in the bathroom

And so on, they are extremely useful, it is possible to organize them with organizing boxes in different materials – metal, cardboard, plastics, etc…

na leye of the room  we have some organization items like organizing boxes then stop by to check it out.