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Set of dishes: how to choose the ideal dinner set for your home

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No matter how sophisticated or how simple a home is, the plate set is a basic item in every household: whether you are married, single, with a large or small family, who loves to receive guests or are more reserved, you will need a beautiful set of plates, capable of giving even the simplest meals a new face . No wonder he is the champion in wedding, bridal shower and kitchen shower gift lists. Much more than that, set of dishes is an excellent gift option for those who love their own home.

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Despite the name being suggestive, it is common for people to confuse set of plates with other kitchen items. The cymbal game is the set formed only by the cymbals. For this reason, forget cutlery, cups or bowls and any other type of container. The games can be of a single type of dish (flat dish, deep dish, round dish, square dish) or mixed, with different formats and uses, for example.

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Plate sets are increasingly useful in your home kitchen. If for many it is seen only as an item to accommodate and serve meals, those who like to immortalize all the moments inside the house also see it as an important decorative piece, standing out in a simple dinner or lunch with the family, or in a event that demands more elegance and sophistication.

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The dishes are traditionally circular, but are available in different sizes and shapes, with finishes and textures that offer more charm and more shine depending on the details and material.


First: plate sets are a basic necessity in any home. In addition to being a fully functional set, they are indispensable for decorating and setting up tables and events. To ensure all the benefits that dishes offer, knowing how to choose is essential.

Second: The shape, model, size and design of the set of dishes must be defined according to the needs of the house and the intended use. Knowing this determines how long your dishes will last and whether they will fulfill their intended function.

Third: dish sets are found with great ease in household items, kitchen items and dinnerware stores. Prices can range from R$ 40.00 (in the most basic models) to more than R$ 1,000.00 (in sophisticated models and with fine materials). We recommend that you invest in items that last a long time and that can bring the elegance and comfort that your home deserves!


This is the defining moment before taking the set of plates home and placing them on your table. The first and decisive factor is the need, the size of your family and the style of table that you will compose. If your intention is to choose a set of dishes for your home, invest in one that can be used in everyday meals and also on special occasions. The unique models, that is, of the same format and colors usually fulfill this function, since they are basic, of a single color. So neutral items offer more freedom for the table set on different occasions.

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If you are looking for a sophisticated kitchen item, with more charm and elegance, you can opt for colored or printed models, with different formats and materials. They match commemorative dates and formal gatherings that require more elaborate decorations. Or just to give your family the beauty and affection it deserves! 

To complete the combination, you can dare to use souplats, placemats, napkins, napkin holders, cutlery and other dinnerware to define your intention: simplicity or elegance, romantic or casual, modern or classic. Choosing a good set of dishes makes a simple meal a unique moment and helps your house become a home! Eternize your moments around the table with our tips! 

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