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Screens a good option!

romantic screen
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 screens in decoration

The screen is a very old object, in fact it served to maintain privacy, of oriental origin more precisely from China, in Asia it is widely used especially among the Japanese and over the years it is considered a key piece in decoration, whether to compose a new environment, as it also serves to delimit a space and create a new environment and continues with the intention of maintaining privacy, there are many possibilities to apply screen in decoration as various types of materials to which it can be manufactured.

Well, if you want to change your environment, or place an artifact that will have a good impact on the look of your home, screens are a good option and will definitely add that charming touch to your environment.

In addition to creating an environment of privacy, it gave a very romantic touch.

transparent screen

In this case, the proposal is to separate one environment from the other.  

separate environment with screens

as headboard

wooden headboard

Like clothes hooks

screen used as hangers

 in room decor

privacy in the room

In the foyer

screen in the entrance hall

Image credit: Pinterest