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How to decorate living room and kitchen combined. See how to make everything Beautiful

combined living room and kitchen
combined living room and kitchen
How to decorate living room and kitchen together – Imagem/Divulgation Dulux

Probably living room and kitchen are 2 environments, which you must have seen in conjunction. In addition, most of the time, due to the better use of space and consequently the configuration of current properties, they have a reduced footage.

Combined living and dining rooms are perfectly suited to the way we live today, where open spaces tend to dominate in both new construction and existing home renovations. 

Furthermore, thinking about a smart layout of furniture and accessories can help create a flow of mixed-use space, creating well-defined but flexible zones for living and dining.

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Living room combined with kitchen

First and foremost, an open kitchen and living room represent the heart of the home, as a place to cook, relax and enjoy time together with family and friends. Therefore, it deserves a display-worthy design that offers the necessary practicality for a multifunctional space.

However, the absence of a wall dividing two of the house's busiest rooms creates a light and airy space that can often be a little tricky to decorate.

However, not really, you need to suffer with this dilemma, here, you will learn how to make your living room and kitchen combined, more optimized.

How do you ensure that the kitchen, dining and living areas work individually while maintaining harmony in the overall look? Check it out with these tips.

Open plan living room and kitchen, optimize the zones

Successful functionality in an open-plan kitchen and living room is all about expanding the zones. At this point, you must prioritize the “zones”, that is, sectorize, to ensure that each area is well defined. With combined living room and kitchen it is important to think about the layout, consider the general movements of everyone in the house. For example, do the kids usually do their homework while you make dinner? 

It's not always easy to visualize how furniture will fit into an open-plan living room and kitchen layout, especially when you're starting from scratch. An important tip is to use masking tape to mark similar sized shapes on the floor before buying something new. So your goal is to ensure good circulation, through each zone, to avoid those awkward spots where you accidentally bump into the sharp corner of a piece every day.

open plan lounge and kitchen
Open plan kitchen and dining room Image/disclosure Dulux

Create Separate Spaces

The smart arrangement of furniture and accessories can help create well-defined, more flexible areas for living and dining. Set an equal amount of seating for living and dining, try to plan each area strategically.

planned zones
Delimit the zones Image/disclosure/dulux

This way, the room will be more balanced. Though you might feel free to change the aspect ratio if you use the room more for one function or another.

Another tip, very useful, is to use furniture such as a sofa, a bookcase, to divide these 2 areas, living room and kitchen together in an open environment.

The kitchen, dining room and living room are all parallel to each other. This provides a good flow to all these areas, facilitating circulation in all environments.

connecting room
open plan space image/disclosure pinterest

Color palette, it's super important

Choose a harmonic color palette and furniture that works well together. guarantees an overall cohesive, elegant and livable design.

All-white living room and dining room combo

neutral colors for combined living room and kitchen.
image GDL/Architecture

Keep everything in order, each environment with its objects

It is definitely essential to maintain harmony and organization, above all, keep in mind that each object must be in its proper place, imagine the TV next to the refrigerator, this at least will clash with the organization proposal.

integrated space
integrated environments image via 365 design

Smart and functional furniture

Normally, in an open concept, as is usually the case with combined environments, it is a good option to invest in furniture, in order to expand the space. Furthermore, you will find that an open concept has many possibilities for layout configuration.

In this visualization of a combined living and dining room, division is created in the space not using walls or dividers, but calling attention to the large floor-to-ceiling bookshelves that run alongside the ?living area? of the open plan. It's a smart use of space and adds storage.

open plan
Image via svoya studio

As a result, your integrated environments will become much wider, you will gain in circulation. and better you can interact with all these environments dynamically.