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recycled tire
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Recycle is Life 

Recycling has become a watchword in the times we are living in, Brazilians produce an average of 1 kilo of garbage per day, Americans account for a percentage of 31% of all garbage on the planet and Brazil contributes 7% of household waste, and all this garbage generates great impacts on nature, health, fauna and flora, in short, it is something we should be concerned about.

Therefore, if everyone can do their part with regard to recycling, separating the garbage, taking advantage of boxes, bottles, pots, in short, there are a number of things that we can do and depending on the blog, I will always show how to use them. of what would go to the trash can be really cool in addition to contributing to a healthier planet and alerting people to have a more conscious consumption and ask yourself before throwing something in the trash: Is it possible to recycle? Is it possible to recreate something new with what would go to waste? Acting like this, we improve our neighborhood, our city and we use something really cool, which is our “creativity”, in addition to greatly improving these unfavorable statistics of garbage production.

So recycle because recycling is also renewing!

recycled tire

notebooks made from cereal boxes

recycled prneu to decorate

Great idea to use old tires, plus you'll be doing the planet a favor because,

the tire takes on average  600 years to decompose

park organized with recycled tires

Stylish house with fairground crates

A simple crate can make a lot of difference using a little 

creativity and good taste

Of course, this is a small recycling tip in a sea of possibilities, let's start reversing our situation in favor of a better planet!


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