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Polka dot lamp, a special touch

I chose the polka dot lamp to be the icing on the cake, in the special touch that every environment always needs because, I believe that everyone who is decorating or redecorating the house is always looking for a “special touch”, something extra or that is, you know that missing icing on the cake well, polka dot lamp, a fever among the "teenagers" but if you, like me, are past that stage, don't worry because she is so, so, so (wow, I got excited) Versatile that looks good in any environment, regardless of your age group, it's really a matter of taste, so let's get inspired:

Get inspired:

And as I said, it is very versatile, it goes well in all environments, because it has this kind of vintage, romantic style, the bedroom is the clear champion to place it when talking about polka dot lamps.


Tell the truth, the icing on the cake was due to the special touch

that the polka dot lamp brought to this environment and there is a call


Possible to find in different materials and colors too,

In this case, they are light bulbs.



This colorful model is made of cotton thread, so the variety in colors

entrance hall polka dot lamp

In the foyer looks great

cotton ball lights hall


Due to this flexible characteristic, it is possible to place it on top of furniture,

Hanging on the wall, and wherever else you think it should and you need to light up and decorate


In the children's room, there is a playful atmosphere, it is very fun, they will love it

children's room polka dot lamp


Everything is fine on the balcony


Possibilities are many because as I said, this polka dot lamp is very flexible and versatile.

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