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TV panel – precious tips to make the right choice and make your living room functional and modern

tv panel

Every change that is made in the decoration of an environment reflects directly and indirectly on the perception that people have about it, whether in the visual aspect or in the physical aspect. One of the most popular moving options is to replace cabinets and racks with a TV panel.

Developed as an alternative to large, spacious, heavy shelves full of doors and niches, the TV panel for living room brought a proposal based on the use of space, an increasingly valued element in houses and apartments. By being incorporated into the routine of families, this piece of furniture ended up bringing with it a new way of valuing an indoor environment, customizing it to the taste of its occupants.

Pay attention to the type of material

What's the use of buying that one TV panel that you thought was beautiful and when installing it you noticed a series of imperfections on its surface? In some cases, this can be considered a manufacturing defect; with a little research on the best materials for TV wall panel could help avoid an unnecessary headache.

Also known as Medium Density Fiberboard or medium density fiber board, in translation into Portuguese, MDF is formed by a series of wooden sheets that are bonded with resin and fixed with the aid of a press subjected to high temperatures. It is excellent for making modern furniture, with lines and contours that are out of the ordinary.

The MDP (Medium Density Particleboard) follows a slightly different manufacturing process. In this case, it is created from the agglutination of wood particles united with the aid of specific resins, high temperature and pressure.

As it is made up of three layers (a thicker one in the center and two thinner ones on both surfaces) this variation of wood guarantees more resistance and ease of installation when it is part of a TV panel.

Size and weight matter

Before you buy your first wall mounted tv panel it is important to consider the size of the television set so that both do not create an aesthetic imbalance in the living room.

With the aid of a tape measure, measure the dimensions of your TV and compare it with the desired panel. Ideally, it should always be a few centimeters larger than the electronics and not exceed the supported capacity. Many furniture stores usually inform in the name and also in the description of the TV room panel Approximate measurements and weight. 

For small rooms, bet on the hanging panel ensures that you don't compromise available space in the environment, as it fits perfectly together with an existing rack and can be installed closer to the wall, making it easier for residents and visitors to move around.

In the case of larger rooms, they can be filled with a large panel that serves to highlight a certain area of these environments, differentiating it from the rest of the house.

suspended tv panel

Pay attention to the choice of colors and the style of the environment

As we are talking about decoration, ignore the colors of the TV panel it would be committing a terrible sin, completely mischaracterizing any environment, whether small or large.

In this case, it is important to pay attention to the tones that prevail in the living room. If the rustic style is more in evidence, a panel with stones or made of reforested eucalyptus wood is an excellent choice. As the field often reminds us, the choice of rustic tv panel helps in harmonizing the environment.

rustic hanging tv panel

There are also modern environments, marked by the presence of personalized and creative furniture. For this case, the colors of the TV wall panel must be the main protagonists of the furniture. Strong tones like yellow, violet, green and red create an interesting contrast when mixed with more neutral colors like black, white and gray.

contemporary modern tv panel

Now that you know how to choose the TV panel to transform it into the main protagonist of your decorated living room, enjoy browsing the blog and keep following everything about interior decoration and other subjects. We count on your presence!

images : Pinterest, Mpozenato