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Orchids in Decoration

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Giving a Touch with Orchids

Orchids, those exuberant, elegant, and beautiful flowers at least for me, they are the queens in terms of a natural touch to an environment, without being too heavy, for having this elongated format the delicate flowers and in tones ranging from stronger colors to pure white, which give any environment an extra “Up”.

Today orchids already have a more accessible price ranging from R$ 20.00 to R$ 90.00 depending on the species or even more, if it is a rare species, it is possible to find it in large supermarket chains, I bought mine at Extra network and I paid around R$ 20.00 which I think is super practical because, between one purchase and another for the house you end up going to the gardening sector and you can find them, the most popular let's say like that and the favorites are the phalaenopsis, as they are more practical and the one that best adapts indoors, but here are the tips for those who are in doubt about the best way to grow them.

Get inspired:

Office/Home Office

You can have it in your home office at home or at work, it brings more life to the environment 

orchids in decoration

cozy climate with orchids in the environment

orchids in the home office

Entrance hall

Imagine receiving visitors and right away they come across an exuberant orchid,

in the entrance hall is the highlight of the welcome

decorating with orchids

orchids in decoration

orchids in the foyer

 in the bathroom

Orchids coexist well in the bathroom, this humid climate from what I've read about it,

and I've seen some testimonials from specialists in orchids,

favors the plant however, it is good to leave it away from the wet area, prefer the sink countertop

orchids in the bathroom

decorating the bathroom with orchids

Next to the window with indirect natural lighting they are very good for her


contemporary bathroom with orchids

It can be something simple, but it makes a difference, imagine this environment without it, it would be very boring, don't you think?

orchids in bathroom decor

In the living room

If there's a place for you to abuse, show off, and expose this marvel to everyone, it's in the Room, you can lie down and roll around because in the Room it becomes a luxury.

Orchids in the living room decor

orchids in living room decor

use orchids to decorate the room

Living room decor with orchids

Ideas to place it in the Living Room

Side table,

Image Playback: Pinterest

Center table,

Decorating center table.

On the Buffet/Sideboard

orchids in the room

And if the vase is beautiful then it's the perfect marriage

orchids in the decoration to highlight

orchids to decorate the buffet
Image/play Pinterest

The ideal thing to highlight is to choose to place it on top of a piece of furniture that you want to highlight.

as a table arrangement

A table all decorated with orchids for lunch,

dinner or a special event, sure to please everyone


Table decoration set with orchids.
Playback image: Pinterest

orchid arrangements to decorate set table
Table set with orchids

In the bedroom

If you want to add a touch to your room, finish it off with an orchid, it looks very elegant.

Style in the bedroom with orchids in the decoration
Image/reproduction: Pinterest

orchids decorating bedside table
Playback: Pinterest

decorating bedside table with orchids
Image/reproduction: Pinterest

orchids in dresser decor
Image/reproduction: Pinterest

Decoration with white orchids
Image/play Pinterest

There are many possibilities to include orchids in your Décor, and they really are irresistible, and maintenance is not complicated, so let's go there, buy some orchids to give the house a touch.

Images via pinterest