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Office chair: five tips on how to choose yours

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Like any other decoration item, the love at first sight for an office chair is due to its design. However, comfort, ergonomics and functionality go far beyond the concept of beauty and the combination with the environment – two important items that, if not shared with efficiency, are not enough.

To spend a good part of your day dedicating yourself to your work sitting in the same place, an office chair needs to be comfortable, that does not harm your health and that meets your body structure. Before the price, some factors need to be taken into consideration when choosing your work chair.

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1- Ergonomics:

As we mentioned right away, a chair can even be beautiful, with a unique and charming design, but at the end of the day it leaves you with a huge back pain and a feeling of tiredness that you have never felt. Therefore, in addition to beauty, look for an office chair that meets your comfort requirements. Feet completely supported on the floor, upright posture, arms supported and ideal distance from the table are factors that every good work chair must meet. With this position your body will be the most ?rested? possible even for a long period in the same position and with all the tension offered by your routine.


2- Backrests:

A good posture for your torso is absolutely essential so that your spine is not overloaded while sitting. Therefore, choose chairs that have high backrests and that take up the entire back, from the waist to the shoulders. If you constantly suffer from torticollis or have cervical problems, it's worth investing in a taller one, with head support. The backrest with inclination adjustment is also an alternative to vary the position during a long period of rest.

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3- Arm support:

If you work with a computer, you are constantly with your arms outstretched on the table to reach the mouse and also the keyboard. The armrest is precisely the office chair item that will ensure the health of your elbows, wrists and shoulders, in addition to all the musculature of the member. With your arm supported you will not lean your body forward to rest your elbows on the table. This way, your posture will always be erect, also avoiding problems in the back, neck and other regions.

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4- Inclination:

As mentioned in item two of this text, inclination is an alternative for those who want to relax after a long time sitting in the same position. If you can't get up for a brisk walk or a cup of coffee, changing the incline of your chair lets you stretch and stretch your body during an exhausting routine. Some chairs have a system that allows them to swing, while others can be fixed in different positions.

5- Height adjustment:

Height adjusters is yet another must-have item for your office chair. Height adjusters have different operating systems and determine the height of your chair in relation to your desk and your computer. Ideally, your foot should be flat on the ground with your thighs and shins at 90 degrees. Also, your eyes should be aligned with the monitor screen. If so, look for a support to change the height of your screen or opt for a different table if you are at home.

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