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Letter-shaped lamp, customize with your favorite letter

letter lamp
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letter shaped lamp, 

Letter-shaped lamp, became a fever, want to have a personalized lamp? What if it's a letter-shaped lamp? There are always possibilities, to change our environment, best of all with creativity, interesting and accessible design, in addition to having something personalized created by you, I'm suspicious to say, because I love everything that is personalized.

So let's get down to business:

letter shaped lamp

You will need:

Choose the Letter which you are interested in transforming into a lamp, Choose the Letter of your name or someone special in this case it was the letter "M", this material used is pvc in thin sheet, that's right pvc that material of pipe, it's easy to find, I believe that in stores specializing in handicrafts and model creation, you can easily find pvc glue and get to work:

Way of doing:

Draw the letter on the computer using graphic programs, if you have it and know how to operate it it will be easier, but if you don't have any affinity with drawing programs there is no problem, just take ruler paper and scale a size that you think is ideal for this lamp .

pass to pvc

I draw lyrics (2)

Do not forget to make holes in the pvc sheet to fit the lamps, have a

a good stylus with precision in the cuts is essential for the cut to be impeccable

 leave one reasonable distance between them

cut letter

 Then just go gluing the sides of the piece, to structure

dissolving letter

  wait for the glue to dry

mounted letter

linking lyrics

                                                                                         Sand the piece to remove imperfections                                                                                   

linking lyrics


painting letter

Insert the bulbs into the holes, look for these bulbs at home

of lighting these are from leads

placing garland bombillas letter

 lamps placed

letter with lights placed

Letter-shaped lamp, Ready-made

how to make letter lamp

letter shaped lamp

 This is a “do it yourself” project to be done calmly, patiently, as it requires a certain affinity with precise cuts, but it's nothing that complicated, it's totally doable.