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Le creuset: kitchen utensils that bring the elegance of France into your home

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Having the right cookware in your kitchen is an important factor in its performance. And one of the best options is Le Creuset, a brand that has become popular here in Brazil, being used by professional chefs and everyday cooks all over the world.

Produced in France since 1924, the brand uses exclusive molds to create each piece, so that each pot, pan, mug, and other accessories are unique pieces. In this content, learn about the history of Le Creuset and how to use the utensils that will make your kitchen more elegant!

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History of Le Creuset

Le Creuset is recognized around the world for the premium quality of its cookware made from a variety of materials, along with its excellent range of kitchen accessories. Its production began with porcelain enameled cast iron pans in 1925, becoming world famous.

While it has expanded the types of products offered and taken advantage of many technological advancements since its founding, some things have not changed in Le Creuset cast iron manufacturing. The brand continues to use original artisanal forging and casting techniques in the manufacture of its cookware.

This attention to its heritage is also characteristic of the design. The casserole dish was one of the first cast iron items produced and is still the most popular item sold in a range of bright, retro colors with the company's trademark volcanic orange hue.

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Types of Le Creuset cookware

Enamelled cast iron has been and will continue to be Le Creuset's specialty. Its slow distribution and strong heat retention make it the ideal product for cooking slow-cooking meats to vegetable roasts and desserts. Its smooth surface helps to create beautiful and tasty caramelization and prevents sticking. This material is safe to use on all heat sources including electric, gas, induction, outdoor grill and oven. Whether you're planning on purchasing your first Le Creuset or expanding your collection, this versatile, high-performance cookware should be your top investment.

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However, if you prefer ceramic pans, it is an excellent choice for cooking food, as Le Creuset pans made with this material heat evenly to create that tasty golden crust, ensuring everything is cooked evenly and nothing sticks to the bottom of the pan. .

The non-stick pan model is the brand's latest product and a better quality upgrade of the non-stick material you've never used before. Compared to cast iron, these aluminum core products heat up quickly. It's a great alternative to that fast food you want to make, but without leaving aside the flavor.

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Maintenance of cast iron cookware

Cast iron pans require special care. It is important to cover the entire bottom of the pan with oil when cooking. The lid of the cast iron cookware is heat resistant at 248°C in the oven, it will seal your food and keep all the aromas. Once you remove the lid from the oven, if you don't serve it right away, the material will keep the food warm for a long period of time.

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