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Escada na decorativa, dicas de como usá-la de forma diferente


Escada decorativa, ideas inspiradoras

The ladder in decoration is something that sounds strange, unless it is to be used the way everyone uses it, to reach objects that are at the top, and because it is extremely necessary and useful, whether for maintenance such as painting, renovating, changing a light bulb, reaching that object on top of the tallest furniture, in short, the ladder has a thousand and one uses, but have you ever imagined using it to compose your home decor, as a support, as a shelf, etc... never imagined? Well, as I always say, creativity is everything because, in addition to proposing something different, you can reuse that old ladder that is no longer safe to climb, but can perfectly be used for other functions that you may need and never thought it would solve very well. the situation and still breaking will give a different charm to your decor.

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use creativity

Just spy,

In the bathroom, because it is in the bathroom, it is very useful to compose the decoration and still keep everything more organized and cool

ladder as a shelf in the bathroom

It has many shoes and accessories the ladder can

be a savior object to get everything in order

vintage ladder as a support for bags, jewelry, shoes

 Country house or beach, usually ask for a more rustic decoration this idea is fantastic besides being very original  

idea of using the stairs in the country house, and beach

 | I believe that of all the possibilities this idea of taking advantage of composing a shelf/library fits like a glove

ladders as magazine book holder

For those who have a garden and a variety of flowers and plants, stairs help

for better space optimization in gardens with this vertical position

accommodates vessels well and facilitates mobility

ladders as support for pots in the garden

And more possibilities…..


You see, as there is always something to take advantage of an object that in principle is for one use but that can also be very useful for others, in fact this is becoming a very common practice, just expand the range of options and get to work. Enjoy!

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