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Compact Kitchen, Tips to make it more comfortable!

compact kitchenideas

Is a Compact Kitchen the one that should have everything you need? Yes, that's right, it's the one where you can't waste space with unnecessary items, if that's your need, then come take a look at the compact kitchen inspirations, where every centimeter matters and a lot.

This one with a “u”-shaped layout greatly favors a compact kitchen, as it makes good use of space, and favors circulation, in fact for kitchens we can never forget the work triangle, we already talked about it

U-shaped compact kitchen
kitchenette apartment

Another in “U” shape, if possible, install the sink always close to the window, this facilitates lighting when preparing and washing food.

hallway-style kitchenette

A compact kitchen can make better use of space with planned joinery

kitchenette kitchenette

Colors are also welcome in a compact kitchen, remembering that there must be a balance, so that this small space does not seem even smaller.

compact kitchen in the shape of

Use a folding table, as this is another good suggestion, because when you don't need to use it, just fold it

all white kitchenette

If your kitchen environment is very small, and you don't have the option of a window next to it for lighting, the best option is to invest in artificial lighting, look at this track with the directional spots, and of course lighting on the countertop

L-shaped kitchenette
compact kitchen with custom furniture

Compact and American, for those who don't give up having the much-dreamed American kitchen, know that it is also possible, just solve all the cupboards on a single wall, and take advantage of the countertop

compact kitchen with counter
American compact kitchen

Linear Compact Kitchen – This kitchen format, where everything is installed on a single wall, makes the kitchen much more compact, optimizing the space well, and may have a planned joinery or, ….

kitchenette with black cabinets

with modular furniture

modular compact kitchen

And to finalize having a compact kitchen, it will require organization, the ideal is to divide the cupboards, preview what you really need, not having too many utensils or crockery, doing this survey will already save you good space.

modern compact kitchen

In general, compact kitchens will be much more in demand than you might think, as more and more spaces are decreasing, and the priority of having so many objects is already minimal, think about it, and see if everything you need in a kitchen fits in a compact .

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