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Indoor Plants, Make Your Choice!

Usually when we think about home decor, maybe the last thing we have in mind is plants, most of the time we don't even consider the possibility of having plants inside the house, usually the most obvious would be on the porch, in the backyard, on the kitchen window because well, know that yes, it is possible for you to have plants indoors, without any problems as long as you take care to choose suitable species for indoors. We made a list to help you choose the one that you like the most, and that has to do with your style.

Tips and Inspirations

chameodorea, - Scientific name: Chamodorea Elegans

This plant is very popular for interior decoration, this palm tree doesn't grow more than 2m in height, it's easy to maintain, it doesn't need a lot of watering twice a week or if the soil gets too dry, it doesn't like direct sunlight, which it can burn its leaves, and the best you can find it in hypermarkets in the gardening sector for a very affordable price it is very elegant in the living room, office, in a beautiful vase.

Chamodorea elegans palms

Sword of Saint George

Introduced in Brazil by the great landscaper Burle Marx, of African origin, the sword of São Jorge according to scientific research produces oxygen during the night, purifying the air and filtering out impurities, which is a good option for cultivation in rooms, has an aesthetic beautiful with leaves with a coloration in striped tones in dark green and yellow stripe, depending on the species. They say it works as an amulet to ward off the evil eye and envy. Easy maintenance, water once a week.

sansevieria in pot near books on chest of drawers
Photo by Charlotte Mayon


These are the darlings of the moment, they have a variety of species and if they're going to be listed, we'll have to make a post just for them, which I should do in the near future, but we're going to focus on the option to have plants inside the house. Their maintenance is very simple, normally watering is once a week, succulents have a more fleshy structure, which makes it possible to store water for a longer period of time, some even once a month, and the best are super cheap, easily found in supermarkets and you can start a collection, it has a very graceful style allowing for very creative arrangements.

succulents to decorate


Another alternative for those who love something more robust, with more intense foliage are ferns, which are also suitable for shady places and interiors, they were already a fever in decoration in past decades, where every house had one, then it went out of fashion, but from time to time they come back with everything, especially in projects by renowned landscapers, and the possibilities of use in interior decoration are great, such as a vertical garden, or under some piece of furniture, the interesting thing is that its vegetation has a more beautiful when suspended, they are without a doubt a classic, require greater care in maintenance, the soil must be slightly moist, never soaked, it leaves any environment exuberant, with life.

ferns to decorate


Just like succulents, cacti have water storage capacity, for those who have a busy life with little time to dedicate it is a good option, watering can be done once a week during the summer, in the winter once a month, do not water in a shorter time than this because they can die, I leave them close to windows where the sun shines they love it and they look even more beautiful. For those who enjoy a minimalist style, it is perfect, because it has that whole desert vibe in its origin, it is very stylish.

cacti indoor plants

Remembering that all plants produce oxygen, and absorb carbon dioxide, this is what we learned since childhood in science class, however, it is important to research about other species that you want to insert indoors, because in addition to oxygen there are plants which may release other substances that may not be advisable to keep indoors. The ones listed in this post are very popular and can perfectly be grown indoors.

And to find out more, this video with landscaper Carol Costa is super interesting, for those of you who are very interested in this subject:

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