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House Room

plants at home

Plants in the living room

Indoor plants

Here on the blog I have always encouraged the cultivation of a garden or vegetable garden, however small your space may be, well, there is also the possibility of you growing plants at home, literally indoors, of course it will depend on the chosen species, but preferably those that don't need a lot of light, little water and easy maintenance. Some examples: bridal veil, asplenium, swordtails, maidenhair and mini cacti and knowing how to choose the most suitable plants for each environment will bring more life to your space. Imagine a house without even a single plant, how sad, at least that's the feeling I have. And look how cool, plants renew the stagnant energies of the environment and improve our state of mind.

Get inspired:

Plants in the living room

featured plant

That's what I call a house with good spirits and positive energy, sorry if you don't believe that but the plants here are the icing on the cake of this environment

plant at home

Right in the entrance hall and next to the window are options that enhance the environment and convey a feeling of warmth.

house plants as a highlight

If you only have one plant or just want to put one, give it a bigger highlight,

put it in a big vase, and you sure won't go wrong

plants in the window

Plants and windows are a perfect combination in addition to bringing

a charm helps the plant receive natural light, in the case of plants that need this care

He liked the tips and was excited to put plants in his environment but he doesn't have the slightest idea which one to choose to have indoors, so check it out here some species listed by a specialist who understands the subject.