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How to leave home decor

cool with some tips

Who doesn't want to have a cooler home without spending a lot $$$ something that has your personality, that you can do and without having to cause major changes like a radical renovation, or something that will involve a battalion of people in the operation. I believe that a lot of people because as they say the house is our refuge, a sacred place where we recover and restore our energies and if there is one we can improve it to make it better why not

So follow the tips to have a more laid-back, cool house with your face and you'll be able to go around bragging that you made it yourself.


tip 1

Every cool house worth its salt has pillows, here it's up to your style to find the one that best matches your

personality, style, etc… but they cannot be missing, and the best you can do yourself

cool pillows

cool house with pillows

cool house room

pillow mix

tip 2

Walls may not look like it but from the moment you give life to the walls they create personality and how to do that? Well, use pictures, plates and even backstage It's worth it (that's right backstage!) It stopped being a handicraft item for grandma and entered the decor with everything look, what a charm


dishes on the wall


Tip 3

Accessories are always welcome in a cool home, such as lamps,

lampshades, vases


accessories for a cooler home

tip 4

Customize some furniture

custom furniture