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Hallway, tips for decorating it

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Runner in Mira!

Corridor is the sector of the house that we do not give much importance to, after all, it is the link between other rooms in the house, it is the circulation and the passage, but I will show that yes, it is very important and it is possible to take advantage of this sector and create in this minimal space, some decoration alternatives and make the best use of it.

Check out:

showcase corridor

This idea was very interesting, here suspended shelves attached to steel cables were used on the ceiling, it gave a feeling of a shop window, where you can take the opportunity to place your decorative objects, photos, paintings, etc…


Library corridor

Do you have many books? So the tip is to create a library

library corridor


Even a smaller runner still has this possibility,

this idea can be extended to a library of CDs or DVDs



Hallway Gallery

Create a gallery with paintings, family photos, artwork, poster, etc..



Place narrower furniture, such as sideboards,

buffet that has a depth that does not hinder circulation


Good lighting helps highlight this environment,

wallpaper a treadmill and Voilá, you've already changed and transformed

this little environment


And if it's outdoors, no problem, use and abuse the vertical garden,

bet on plants that leave the environment

cozier, and if you want to innovate more, create a passage with stones and wooden decks



This external corridor was wonderful, natural lighting, with a transparent cover, which can

be used with high strength tempered glass or polypropylene, stone wall and of course

a cleaner landscaping, use of pebble stones, giving a subtle effect, but still very comfortable


Images via pinterest