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Half wall with style

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wall with personality

Giving a “pat” to the look of the house is always a euphoria, an ecstasy, because renovating brings new air and good vibes and between a painting here and there, changing the color of the walls is a factor that divides the opinions of the members of the house because, part wants to change everything radicalize the other does not want to, or they do not reach the same point so when in doubt and to help those who are looking for new things here is an idea, go from walls painted in half, the “half wall” a good choice for those in doubt about colors, tones and you can mix colors of your choice and harmonize with your furniture and accessories, it looks very stylish and will still give an air of cool home in addition to being a low-cost and creative decorative resource.

Get inspired:

The shade of pink painted half way brought more life to the environment considering that the furniture is white in case it was painted half way, it provided more lighting otherwise it could load the environment

half wall painting

Look at that fully balanced environment with the choices of furniture, objects and accessories and the half-painted wall

with this shade of yellow it harmonized very well

half painted wall

The half wall can also have another intermediate color, it can be a smaller strip to give it an extra boost.

in the environment as long as there is a synchrony, in that if the choice gives a younger air as is the proposal for the environment and it worked very well

walls in 3 colors

half wall in 3 shades

The painted half wall in this environment gave a very interesting idea of division

where in the lower part a library and in the upper part pictures, but it was so subtle that not even 

notice this division

lilac painted half wall

wall painted a little over half

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