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Dressing table object of desire

The dressing table, this piece of antique furniture that appeared according to researchers around the 15th century, in the Renaissance period, more precisely in France, had its peak in other times, it disappeared for a while, but this glamorous piece of furniture, beloved by the female public, for having this symbology of femininity and vanity always comes back with more modern airs or ancient and revamped and adapted for current use, in addition to having its primary function which is to provide organization to makeup and beauty objects, and serves as a place to get ready before going out, and of course it is the object of desire for many women, including the one who speaks to you..

Get inspired:

Vintage model, this one has drawers to store personal items

like lingerie

Louis XV style dressing table

They can also be customized with different colors. 

custom dressing tables


Model derived from the vintage style in a simpler and more compact version,

for smaller spaces


Of course, you can also improvise, in this case it's a desk, but it does the job well as a dressing table.

dressing table

And if you don't have that much $$$ money to invest in one of these top dressing tables, you can also improvise, and adapt a certain piece of furniture to a dressing table, it's very interesting and you'll have your corner of beauty

retro dressing table

A sideboard that became a dressing table


A simple shelf that is working well for a dressing table


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